How to delete a remote git tag

I'm always forgetting this. So decided to put it here for someone's benefit.

I have the git tag added by command:
git tag -a 1.2.0 -m "1.2.0"
this means my tags tree will be updated with the tag 1.2.0 and message 1.2.0
Usually it marks the version of the build/release.

I now push a tag to origin by command:
git push origin --tags
It is possible to see it at my repository github tagged.

Time now to delete a tag.
It can be done by command:
git tag -d 1.2.0
This will remove a local tag 1.2.0. Leaving origin intact. Pushing tags to origin does not give anything.
To remove a remote tag now it is required to execute command:
git push origin :refs/tags/1.2.0
It will remove tag 1.2.0 at origin. This is the only way how to move tags to another commits.


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