Blocking iOS to acces Contacts freely

There are lots of occasions when you want to be private in the net. Now it's common to say "Anonymous". Many people do not even think it's important. I, personaly, dislike facebook, skype, twitter, any else third party... having my contacts list synched to their server without even telling me... I do not want to be truly anonymous, you know... Have nothing to hide really. But I want that really smal confirm that Skype, for e.g. would take my contacts and for what reason. 

Facebook was first, as usual... They've done it. I really deleted their app from my iOS devices first. But instead of taking lessons from their mistakes... All huge companies gone wild about this possibility to copy some new ammount of user data... Skype was second (for me)... Then LinkedIn... However they warned and I've agreed... So nothing really bad to say about them. But MS is such a Microsoft... They want me to "skype" instead of "calling" my friends through my Apple/Android device :)...

Anyway I've decided I really need something like a hardware switch to grant access to my contact list on iDevices... And it is really done for us already...

You need a Jailbreak for this! (As I had one already wont mention it here. I think there are lots of info in the net about it)

ContactPrivacy tweak. For now, that I'm writing this article... It exists in BigBoss repo, that is default set in Cydia AFAIK. And you suppose to have access to it without adding any repositories. So typing in Cydia search: "ContactPrivacy" (without scopes) should reveal it without any problems.

After installing it you will probably see something like this:
So ...... you Skype after installing it. :)

Note: That I think it's good idea to install this tweak even before any other APP is installed. I'd do so if I only knew before.

Heard somewhere about Twitter is going to have my contacts too... Wtf? Why Twitter wants them too... Can't even imagine... Who's next. "Corporation of all good". Nahh... I think they already have them but not so dumb to tell >:) But somehow it does disturb me less...

BTW it's a nice reason to make a jailbreak for this tweak. Why not make it standard in iOS?
How do you think?


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