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Django CMS custom Plugin ManyToMany fields problems.

Developing a website for Django CMS I have done a plugin. This plugin however have had a problem. It had an m2m field. While selecting images there (It was a gallery plugin). It was not saving it to production. This way main problem with this field was that plugin have displayed m2m choices on a draft page and while storing it to live it fails.
Django CMS Pages is built like so it has multiple versions of pages. Each Page model that is changed is stored under new revision. And so plugin is copied and relinked to that page too. So plugin revisions multiply to.
For e.g. in case you have a Draft page with two plugins that have model primary key number (pk in future) 12 and 14 accordingly. Say you hit publish changes. Not only PK of Page model rises and data are copypasted into new empty Page model instance. Those plugins are copied to. So mentioned plugins PK would change to 15 and 16 accordingly, assuming 14 is the latest plugin pk. New copied plugins will be linked to new page. Thats …