SSH Unix/Lunux Recipes for daily usage.

I've decided to create a post with several recipes for commands I need to use daily. I use them from a Mac OS X Lion default console, except for some mac ports installed... Remote is special linux distribution.

How do I Compress a Whole Linux or UNIX Directory? 

You need to use tar command as follows (syntax of tar command):
tar -zcvf archive-name.tar.gz directory-name
  • -z: Compress archive using gzip program
  • -c: Create archive
  • -v: Verbose i.e display progress while creating archive
  • -f: Archive File name
For example, you have directory called /home/garmoncheg/data and you would like to compress this directory then you can type tar command as follows:
$ tar -zcvf data.tar.gz /home/garmoncheg/data/
Above command will create an archive file called data.tar.gz in current directory. If you wish to restore your archive then you need to use following command (it will extract all files in current directory):
$ tar -zxvf data.tar.gz
  • -x: Extract files

Put or Retrieve a file from/to remote directory via SSH

For all those operations you need to use scp command. It is like a cp command under local unix/linux console. Except it does remote transfers.

So to put one file:
scp file.dat
copy file "file.dat'' from your current computer/directory to your home directory on, naming the copy on remote server "NewData.txt''.  
scp file.dat
is the same thing, except file will be named like original at local computer HD.
scp file.dat
with specifying original path to store files at.

To get files you need to reverse paths given via arguments to scp. E.g.:
scp file.txt
This will copy file from your default ssh directory named "data.txt" to local (current directory) file called "file.txt"

To work with directory (get/put files) recursively there is an -r switch:
scp -r project-stage:logfiles /home/garmoncheg/logfiles
This will download directory "logfiles" from server with ssh shortcut "project-stage" into current directory naming it "logfiles"

That's it. There are many more decisions and recipes for those typical enough operations. Dont hesitate to comment with yours ;)


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