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Python: simple recipe to measure your function's execution time

We always write something unusual while doing basic things. Our own bicycles and crutches to work out some unusual situation. Here is another recipe to do a thing like so. I have tried several libraries and readymade decisions. But it assumes you have them installed. And you often try things in console, don't you?

Anyway the recipe is simple and quite straightforward.

import datetime # Getting first timestamp t1 = Your function e.g.: data =[ for g in request.user.groups.all()]# Second timestamp t2 ="Execution time: %s"%(t1-t2)
It is rude and quite simple but may often suit you well to measure execution time in a simple and straightforward manner.
Also nice idea to write down this function into logs. It may be handy on refactoring of your core app for e.g.;

import datetime import logging log = logging.getLogger('mylogger')# Getting first timestamp t1 = Your function e.g.: data =[g…