Twitter official client for Mac problem "Unauthorized" solving.

I had a problem "Unauthorized" in official twitter client for Mac.

Tried several instal/reinstall. Deleted/Downloaded again from Apple App Store. It all didn't help. They seem to change something in authentication. So I've tried deleting all the config files in ~/Library/
Main solution that helped me:
1. Switch off the client. (be sure to Close an app)
2. Delete:

3. Launch Twitter app and login from scratch.

I have revoked access this twitter client too in my but it seem to make no effect.

Making similar actions to TweetDeck for Mac does not help. So it seems like problem is somewhere deeper. Hope it will help you solve similar issue.


  1. Indeed, that fixed it. It's been bugging me for weeks and Twitter Inc. wasn't helpful at all (ie. they said nothing). Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. /Users/[Your username]/[hidden folder Library]/ .... and per article farther...

  3. Can't find the second plist, deleted the lock file and tried again, same goes


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