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Templates. New in Django 1.4

Continuing those series of tasty features in Django 1.4. It's templates and newly added templatetags this time. Many things improved in template logic now. Lets move on point by point...
Tag {% elif %} For most of us it is almost killer feature of new Django 1.4. You will have simpler logic in your templates, if you have advanced logic there, of course. ;)
Key-value arguments for user tags You can use key-value for tags along with old, positional, arguments, e.g.:

{% custom_tag 123"test" thing.var text=msg|upper username=user.get_full_name %}
All of this implemented using common "args" and "kwargs":

@register.simple_tag def custom_tag(a, b,*args,**kwargs): warning = kwargs['text'] profile = kwargs['username']...return...
assignment_tag Some tags are not built to output something in template, like simple_tag. They only have to change something in context during rendering of templates. (Built-in {% with %} tag, for e.g.).
You can …