How to setup Git to work with Eclipse.

Git is a best version control system, as for me. That's why I decided to write a few words about setting up a git GUI for yourself.

I assume you use Eclipse for your everyday coding. As long as your project is small and you simply committing for co-working with other project members everything is ok with command line tools of Git.

I made commits on a daily basis. Main commands I used was: "git add", "git remove", "git commit -m", "git push"...
It's ok when you commit 5 to 20 files. You can manually add them. It takes about some minutes. One day a project grown up.  Commits became a hard typing work. So that's the manual how to befriend your Eclipse with Git(hub).

1. Install Eclipse plugin called EGit. It is well documented and highly sophisticated Eclipse plugin for working with Git.
You can read almost any step of setting up this plugin in it's official docs: It's quite cool and well documented.

2. Assuming you have git installed and configured to work with your project already, you will have most of the configurations already made earlier. EGit will read this configuration and import it to it's settings, as it made in my case.
You just have to select your project with right mouse button and choose in menu Team > Share Project. After a series of handy choices you will connect your already configured Git repository to Eclipse and will be able to commit in much easier way.

3. Explore newly added project menus. Your project icon will receive a new Git informers.

You will get a new handy menu to work with:
You will also receive another handy VCS mode in Eclipse, similar to pydev, or debugging...
I was sure I'd never need GUI for git before trying this Eclipse plugin. From now on I dont spend much time on committing with the console...

For beginners who is only starting to use Git or even don't understand why do they need it in their work I'd recommend a Apress book "Pro Git": You'll easily understand how to work with Git after reading only few first chapters.

Also I'd recommend to watch a story of it's creator Linus Torvalds on git You will understand why do you need a VCS in your project and why git suits you most.

This was just observations of junior for juniors... Have fun coding!


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